Review – Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury

I borrowed this book from a friend.  It’s one of those that I’ve always seen on lists of books that everyone should read but I never got around to it.

“It was a pleasure to burn.”  Guy Montag is a fireman.  But, in this world, fireman don’t put out fires – they start them.  The government doesn’t allow citizens to have books and if it finds that someone has a stockpile, they send the firemen to burn them.  Guy meets a seventeen year old girl who inspires him with stories of a world where people actually talk to each other and read for pleasure.  When he looks for her a few days later, he finds that she has disappeared.  (People who speak out don’t last long in this world.)  Guy takes a book from a house they are burning and starts to question the government’s wisdom.  He is, as expected, discovered for his treasonous actions and the government tries to kill him.  He escapes and joins other outcasts outside the city.  A war then begins and the city is bombed.

Meh…I thought this would be a book to love.  But, somehow, it was just okay.  No, I don’t support this kind of government interference in our daily lives.  Yes, I love reading and can’t imagine a world where reading is not only discouraged but illegal.  No books…I couldn’t live that way.  For some reason, I just didn’t feel the emotion associated with the subject matter.

3/5 stars.  Ok but not a great “Classic” for me.

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