Review – Under the Dome by Stephen King

I started Under the Dome not long after finishing The Stand.  For me, the feel of UTD is similar but King found a way to keep the story and characters fresh.

On a normal day in Maine, people are all around the town of Chester’s Mill.  Some are gardening, others flying planes, a few are coming and going to nearby towns.  In an instant, an invisible wall (a dome to be exact) seperates Chester’s Mill from the rest of the world.  Nothing can get in and nothing can get out.  If you (or a part of your body) was on the other side of the wall, well…let’s just say that would hurt.  Cars, a plane, birds and more hit the wall.  Nothing penetrates it.  As with most King novels, the characters and their behavior are the driving forces behind the story.  They start showing their true colors.  Some are positive leaders.  Some just want power – at any cost – and the Dome has given them the opportunity they’ve been looking for.

I’ve read some reviews that weren’t impressed with Barbie as the main character.  I thought his story was realistic and it didn’t bother me.  Julia was the star for me, though.  She never backed down and becomes the ultimate hero of the story.

There are too many characters to review them all but I do have to pay homage to Big Jim.  If you’ve ever lived in a small town, you know a “Big Jim”.  He’s one of the wealthiest (but probably not the richest) in town, he has a small amount of political power (ex. town council), owns his own business and acts like a pillar of the community.  But deep down he is a snake.  He will degrade, steal or maybe even kill to gain power.  Go even deeper and, guess what, he’s a coward who is afraid of the dark.

Under the Dome is another Stephen King winner.  5/5.  This would make a great stocking stuffer – it’s 1000+ pages so it will take up a good bit of room.

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