Review – Crewel by Gennifer Albin

I received Crewel as part of the Goodreads – Firstreads program.  First of all, look at that cover.  It is gorgeous – the colors, the script.  Love it.

Crewel is a YA novel that tells the story of future world where everything is dictated by the government.  Young girls are tested to determine if they have the gift to become a Spinster.  Spinsters weave the world and make any changes that are deemed necessary by the government.  They can even rip someone’s thread (yes, that means they are dead.)  Adelice has the talent but her parents have been secretly training her to fake her test (showing no talent) so that she will not have to become a Spinster.  She slips during testing and is chosen to be taken in for training.  Things don’t end well for her family when they try to help her escape.  Adelice is determined to figure out a way to make things right for herself (and anyone left in her family that she can save.)  And, she has talents the government doesn’t know about yet.

Adelice is a strong character and I want to know more of her story.  There is a love triangle, sort of.  We’ll see if it becomes a true love triangle or if it was just there for a little more drama in the first novel.

It looks like this will be a trilogy and the ending definitely left us with a bit of a cliffhanger.  I am looking forward to the next chapter for Adelice, Jost and Erik (and finding out about the “real world”).

4/5 stars.  An easy read that is appropriate for all YA audiences while still being enjoyable for adults.  Would be a great stocking stuffer for your daughter, niece or friend.

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