Review – Horns by Joe Hill

Ignatius “Ig” Perrish was suspected of murdering his girlfriend, Merrin. The police were never able to charge him with the murder but it seemed that everyone believed he did it. The morning after the first anniversary of her death, Ig wakes up to find that he has no memory of the night before and he now has horns growing from his temples. As he runs into friends, family and acquaintances, he also discovers that everyone is telling him the truth (not the truth we typically tell each other, but the whole truth – “Yes, Ig I really do believe you killed her and, by the way, I’m doing some pretty awful things myself. Wanna hear about them?”) He can influence their actions as well. We see flashbacks to his childhood, his time with Merrin and that fateful night before. And we, along with Ig, slowly learn the truth about what happened to Merrin.

I was headed to the DMV and not looking forward to the long wait so I stopped by B&N to pick up some reading material. I already had “Heart Shaped Box” in my to be read pile so I thought I would give this one a shot. The next day, I went to the polls to vote and took this with me for the long line. I got a few strange looks and one simple question from a fellow voter – “Horns?” Over the next several days I savored this story.

Horns was a thoughtful, sad, scary and wonderful book. Merrin’s story broke my heart. Ig made a few really bad decisions but didn’t deserve what happened to him either. As with most books that come out of the King family (everyone knows Joe Hill is Stephen King’s son, right?), there are some really AWFUL people in Horns. Too many to list. It doesn’t help that we know way too much about them since they were driven to be so open with Ig once he had his powers. The ending is definitely not a traditional HEA but was an interesting way to end the story.

What can I say, I loved it. 5/5 stars. If you like horror, suspense, thrillers, paranormal or really ANYTHING, I think you will enjoy Horns.

4 thoughts on “Review – Horns by Joe Hill

  1. You know, this book was actually a bit drab for my taste. I loved the idea, it was completely original; but I don’t know, I guess I just had too high expectations, being written by Stephen King’s son and all! Your review is spot on, though 🙂

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