Review – The Wolf Gift by Anne Rice

Anne Rice used to be one of my favorite authors.  To be fair, I guess she still is based on her older books.  I must have been living under a rock because I didn’t know The Wolf Gift had come out this year.  I saw it on the shelf while walking through B&N (doing my weekly book exploration that restores my soul.)  That day, I came home and ordered it from Amazon – sorry, B&N, it was cheaper and I got free shipping.

I’d say this is a good book but that just isn’t good enough for Anne Rice.  Where is the storyteller that I loved?  It’s not a bad story but *shrugs*…  Easy to read, I would give this one 3 stars.

I cannot even muster the energy to write a proper review.  Liked: slightly different wolf mythology, Reuben’s family.  OK: Laura (the love interest), wolf elders.  Blah: “the Man Wolf” – seriously?  I know some people have had issues with the wolf sex scenes.  It’s Anne Rice – what did you expect?  She always writes it a little weird in that arena.  I had a bigger issue with Reuben being a cheater.

If you enjoy Anne Rice, I would recommend giving this one a shot.  You might like it.  But, get it from the library.

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