Review – The Tale of the Vampire Bride by Rhiannon Frater

Edit: 12/4/12 – I have decided that I didn’t like my wording on a few things so I’ve tweaked the review.  Still love the book!

I loved this book!  It kept me awake the night I finished because I couldn’t stop thinking about Glynis, the main character, and how this part of her story ended.  As a woman, I appreciated her strength but she did try my patience a few times.  In the end I decided that it was okay for her to be a little petulant (stomping her foot and pouting when she didn’t get her way).  It actually made her more charming.  She may have been too harsh otherwise.   I don’t want to give away too much because I am recommending that anyone who enjoys vampire, dark gothic horror or just GOOD books should read this.

Glynis is travelling with her family so that they can find her a husband.  Keep in mind that she doesn’t want a husband but her family is anxious to get her married.  They love her and I think they want the best for her.  But, given the time period, this urge to get your teenage daughter married was the norm.  When they come to Vlad Tepes’ / Count Dracula’s / Prince Vlad’s home, things don’t quite go as planned (to say the least).  This isn’t Twilight, people.  Don’t expect Vlad to be a sparkly, piano-playing, tree-climbing introvert.  He is BAD and things get ROUGH!  Did I mention that this is DARK gothic horror?  Let’s just say that I, along with Glynis, hated Vlad with a passion during most of this book.  There is a love interest for Glynis, Ignatius.  But I have to admit that, as a character only, he wasn’t as interesting as Vlad.

When I finished the book, I debated the rating with myself.  It isn’t perfect (my e-book has several typos which would usually drive me nuts).  But, the strength of the story more than overshadowed those slight issues so this is definitely a 5-star read for me.  The scenes where Vlad shows himself, the violent life that he has lived and his true feelings were written in such a way that while you could never forgive him, you could at least have some understanding.  This is rare for me and it takes a very talented author.   Rhiannon Frater rocks.  Read her books!

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