Review – Water by Terra Harmony

I wouldn’t know how to write this review honestly without some spoilers.  If you are planning to read this, be warned.  I’m going to tell you some things that happen and you’re not going to like them.  When I started reading this, I was enjoying it (hence the two stars instead of one.)  The writing isn’t perfect and I think it needs more character development.  But, there was some originality here.  The problem is…..well, let me tell you what happened.

Kaitlyn starts out as a strong female protagonist.  The book begins with her snowboarding while trying to escape an avalanche.  She pretty much keeps it together and struggles to survive.  Her strength goes downhill (ha ha) from there.  I won’t recap the whole story but she meets a group of, for lack of a better description, environmentalists, who are bringing her in so that she can help them save the world.  She is called a Gaia and has elemental power (control of water, wind, fire, earth).  But, we can’t just let her be a kick-butt superhero.  She has to be surrounded by men who are basically her keepers.

Cato is the “Rais” or the leader of the group.  His character was very underdeveloped and I have no idea if he is one of the good guys, a bad guy or insignificant.  I did like the fact that Kaitlyn let him have it when she found out that he had known of her power but kept it from her (resulting in the deaths of people around her.)

Alex is the only member of the group that doesn’t have special powers.  He doesn’t do a whole lot in the book and I’m still not sure why they have him as part of the team.

Micah, Micah, Micah.  I think we are supposed to like him.  I know Kaitlyn does.  She is drawn into his eyes, feels static when they touch and thinks he can read her mind.  Sound familiar?   He is her “Ardwyad” or protector.  He does protect her in some cases but then he also does some very bone-headed things.  The greenhouse scene – Why would he think that a good training tool would be to tell her if she can’t do “x” then he is going to rape her AND LET SHAWN WATCH.  Wait, what?  And she forgives him?  He also knows that Shawn has assaulted her on at least two occasions but still leaves her in situations where Shawn can get to her.  Great protector.

Shawn is the “Medwin”.  He can help magnify, dilute or block powers.  He kidnaps Kaitlyn (seriously, how did noone around her see this coming?)  Then he does horrible things to her.  Things that are unforgivable under any circumstance.

She gets away from him.  Yadda, yadda, yadda.  End Book.  (If you think I left out the best part with the “yadda, yadda, yadda”, that really depends on your definition of best.  Turns out Kaitlyn is pregnant and doesn’t know who is the father.  Micah, who she did sleep with willingly, or Shawn, who raped her.)

There are several situations in this book that really bothered me.  Some may have furthered the story but I think they could have been handled a little differently.  That is the author’s decision and I accept that.

The final issue is with the teaser that has been included for Book 2 in this series (isn’t every book part of a series now?)  At the end, several snippets from reviewers of “Air” are included.  One says “I really thought I had the plot figured out but BAM there’s a twist.  I fell in love with a character that I despised in the first novel.”  Umm, there was really only one character you could have truly despised from the first novel and there is no magic on earth that could make me fall in love with him.  He’s a rapist and probably worse.  Please tell me that they aren’t going to try to make him a hero.  I truly hope that isn’t what happens but I won’t be reading book 2 to find out.

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